Terms & Conditions

Any High School (9 – 12 grade) participating in the District Literary Rally may also participate in the High School Rally Art Exhibition.
Submission Requirements:
Artwork must be submitted by a high school art teacher or representative. Each high school teacher/representative may submit up to 5 pieces of artwork, with no more than 2 pieces submitted in each media. All submitted work must be completed by the student artist and produced during the current academic year. 
How to Submit Artwork:
Teachers must submit entries via the following online entry portal https://ulrallyart.artcall.org
Teachers will need to provide an image of the piece, name of student, school, teacher’s name, media, and size to the online form. Labels will be produced from the information submitted, so please make sure this information is accurate. Online entries must be submitted by Thursday February 10, 2022.
Additionally, please provide an image inventory list that includes thumbnails (small images) of each piece being submitted when the physical artwork is dropped off.

Eligible submissions will be in one of the following categories: Ceramics, Computer Art and Animation, Drawing, Graphic Design, Metalwork and Jewelry, New Media and Digital Art, Painting, Photography, Printmaking, or Sculpture (Artwork must meets the following specifications are eligible for submission.)
Two-dimensional work must not exceed 40 inches wide by 68 inches high. Three-dimensional work must not exceed 60 inches high by 36 inches wide and 36 inches deep.
Only art works original in concept and execution will be accepted.  No copies or “number painting” will be accepted. Please review the following fair use guidelines, to make sure the work you are submitting are acceptable.  https://www.collegeart.org/programs/caa-fair-use/best-practices#MakingArt
Framing Guidelines:
All two-dimensional works must be framed and ready to hang for a professional gallery with the appropriate mounting hardware (wire, cleats, etc). All three-dimensional works must be structurally sound with all components securely fastened. Two-dimensional work such as drawings, photographs, digital or printed images should be presented matted and mounted on a hard surface under glass or plexiglass, Paintings may be submitted framed or unframed, and shall have properly sized picture framing wire. Installation instructions must be included on all works submitted in the sculpture category. Works not suitably prepared for installation will be disqualified and will not be installed. Please make sure label information is mounted or clearly marked on the backside or bottom of each piece.




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